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I’m always looking for a new way to do a presentation. I’ve found while Prezi’s are interesting, some people feel that they make them dizzy. Some time earlier this year I was looking for an alternative to Powerpoints and Prezi’s for a more interesting delivery and I stumbled across PowToons.

PowToons are basically animated powerpoints that feature cartoon like characters. It’s still in it’s beta testing and we just got the green light this morning to go and play with it. A lot more features are coming in the coming months.

The video below explains what exactly PowToon is all about.

Their Youtube also shows examples of all the things you can use Powtoon for.

What’s so great about it?

1. Easy Music Importing and integration
2. You can convert your PowToon into a Youtube Video and immediately post it to your account with 1 click.
3. You can choose two modes Movie mode which is a continuous flow, and presentation Mode which allows for stops.
4. Easy sharing Twitter,Facebook,Pinterest are all right at the top. Also it has a comment section where people can comment using their facebook login.

Each mode has features like

PICTO features include


LABEL features include

or blank for you to create cool things yourself

Imageand lastly

Marker Options include

Site Teaser and Blank


After playing around with it I came up with this for the student organization I preside over.

Not bad for trying it out today. Sign up today and let me know what you like about Powtoon.com!

Intern Hack No. 2: Job Description Deception

You’re scouring the job boards for an internship, or full time position. You’re eager to put everything you’ve learned in college to work and you think you’ve found a great job that works with marketing! You run across an entry that has buzz words like

Business to business sales, direct marketing methods, and other pay.

After going through an exciting first interview you find yourself in the middle of some unknown location selling something to patron on the street or going door to door on a commission only salary.

Not what you expected right?

The thing about marketing is that is covers such a broad range of activities. A lot of what is posted on job boards is sales, and to the untrained eye you might not realize that’s what you’re signing up for. Nothing is worse than applying for a job, and realizing that it’s not the right fit. The best way to combat this is to know what exactly you field you’re looking for.
Who remembers Vector Marketing the company that sells knives door-to-door?

This one is pretty vague, does this sound like you’re driving around town being a door-to-door knives salesman?

Here are some items to look over before you submit that application:

1. Identify what exactly you want from a job. What skills do you have and what would like to earn through your new career.

2. Find your career spirit animal. What does this mean? (I just made it up) Find someone who is doing what you would like to do, and learn what their job title is and what it entails. Hopefully you can network with them, and find out what to look for in your search from someone who has been there.

3. Linkedin- I often type in a job title or company name and see what they have listed under their job description–slightly creepy, but this is the  life or death of your career we’re talking about.Or if you’re not a creeper like me you can check out company websites to find out what they’re job description says so you know what you’re looking for.

Sales isn’t for everyone, and some really thrive at it. Be sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.

4. Most importantly during the interview ask them what a day in the life entails. Nothing is glamorous all the time is this is a very good question to find out if you would want to do this EVERY DAY and it shows interest.

Usually it’s a bad sign if a MARKETING company has little or no presence online, if they’re extremely vague, or if you go to their building and it’s just an empty office with no phones or furniture.

Horror Stories

Jane Doe* is a recent college graduate, and went to search for a job in NY. She had a phenomenal interview with a marketing department, and for her second interview she ended up in a bad part of the city trying to convince people to change energy providers. She was only paid if she got a person to sign up for the new service. She had to find her way home from this remote location, and catch the Subway home!

John Doe* is a college senior wanting to break into the sports and marketing field. He found a internship position for a marketing company in his area, and had a successful interview. He noticed that the office was nearly empty, but assumed they were remodeling.  The 2nd interview would be from 8-6pm. Once he showed up they drove to Austin, Texas where they spent the day selling tickets to a minor league baseball team in the 100 degree heat. Solicitation to businesses is illegal and even had to duck or hide from police when asked what they were doing!

Viacom vs. DirectTV

Direct TV has over 20 Million cable subscribes and it looks like almost all of them took to twitter today to voice their anger over Direct TV dropping 26 of their channels. (Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, MTV, BET, VH1, CMT, Logo, Spike, TV Land, MTV2, VH1 Classic, Palladia, Nick Jr., NickToons, TeenNick, Nickelodeon West, Tr3s, Centric, MTV India, Nickelodeon HD, Comedy Central HD, MTV HD, BET HD, VH1 HD, CMT HD and Spike HD)  Whether you want to watch Hot in Cleveland, Dora the Explorer, or 16 & Pregnant these channels are some of the most popular on TV and bring in HUGE ratings.

Both of the companies have been pointing the finger at one another. In a nutshell it seems that Viacom wants Direct TV to pay them more money, and Direct TV is refusing to pay up. What interested me the most about this battle was the use of social media to protest and blame each other. This could prove dangerous for both companies depending on who the consumers believe is at fault. Not too long ago the Susan G Komen Foundation faced huge backlash through social media about their decision to pull funding from Planned Parenthood.

Who’s side are you on? Check out Viacom and DirecTv’s websites for their official statements, and scroll down below to see the tweet and videos from both sides.


I think my favorite was ” you got Direct TV ?? I feel bad for you son… I got 99 channels and you only have 1″

and the Viacom Pop up response to the video of the DirectTV CEO. Quite creative


“Hey can you do this  for me?” always strikes fear into my heart.. Every now and again I find myself needing a refresher in BASIC office skills. (ex Mailing Labels) Yes I learned how to do them in high school, but have I had to make them since? No, who uses mail?  Instead of embarrassing myself and asking a million questions don’t be afraid to use Youtube to get a quick answer. What have you youtube’d on the fly at work?? Don’t worry I won’t laugh!

Another tip: Print them on regular paper first, then copy them to a label sheet. If you do this you won’t have to keep reprinting, and running back and forth to your desk if they don’t fit perfectly into the boxes.

Positivity & Diversity on TV

Postivity and Diversity on TV

I wrote a post a while back about why more Black Entertainment is choosing the small screen over the boob tube a few months ago and today I ran across this article.

Why black British drama is going online, not on TV

The article talks about narrow spectrum of blackness on TV and how despite their efforts it was very hard to get TV Networks interested. Inspired by the success of The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl many other series are trying their hand at their work. The opposition TV Executives in the UK included “They’re not ready for black women. Commissioners say: ‘Can you make white people laugh?’ Or: ‘Middle England won’t like you.’”

Actor David Harewood has even encouraged Black actors to go the US because there aren’t many roles for authoritative,strong, black characters in the UK.,

Eva Longoria’s upcoming Devious Maids was nixed from the ABC line up. It received some major backlash for not showcasing Hispanic women who were successful like you would see in everyday life?

Tyler Perry also commented on the lack of uplifting diversity on TV in an ET Interview
“People don’t want the kind of positivity that was on “The Cosby Show.” So, if you look at the reality shows and the things that are going on, people don’t want that type of positivity anymore.”

Why do networks feel that this is the only available niche for minorities? Screaming, throwing bottles, flipping tables,fighting, and passed out on the jersey shore?

Where is the diversity in our network programming? I’m not talking about the stereotypical roles i.e The Sassy black friend, the smart Asian friend, and the Hispanic character you didn’t know was Hispanic until the credit came up at the end and saw their last name. In my opinion the television is one of the few places less where you can see almost ZERO diversity. My friends, my classroom, my church, the mall I shop at etc are all somewhat diverse. Everyone is not all one shape,size,ethnicity why doesn’t our programming reflect that?

So shout out Youtube for being a outlet to actually reflect real people, not just what networks want to see. I’m really excited that more people are feeling inspired and creating web series.

Here’s my favorite from the article check out and the original article:

and if you’ve seen a cool Web Series post it below or tweet it to me at @Paige_Nash!

It’s my one month anniversary at Mosaic!


I’ve been at my internship one month! I’ve been working with the GameOn department which focuses on Video Game Merchandising! It is one of the top departments in the company and brings in MILLIONS of dollars. SO besides being well versed over the new releases what do I do? I work on the code articles, which is essentially the bible that the Regional, District managers, and field reps all over America use to determine what marketing placement they’re supposed to use for the week. I monitor and report on the shipping for hundreds, and depending on the week thousands, of stores. I also take photographs to make sure the proper products are in place to make sure our Clients are happy. Needless to say in the 30 days I’ve been here I’ve been given a huge amount of responsibility. I’ve already learned so much that will make life so much easier once I go back to school and apply to my classes and projects.


My department is like a family. 90% of the bonding we do is through food! (lol) Every Wednesday we have a team lunch and relax. It’s the ideal environment for me because I’m always learning, and I’m always laughing!





All the other interns are really great as well, the culture of Mosaic is really inviting and open. Most of the managers and directors always have their doors open, there’s cake for birthdays every month, and everyone greets you with a smile, and not to mention the Relaxed dress code. (Gotta love a company that will let your inner Fashionista shine!)

I’m excited to work with these guys on our North American Video Marketing project with the Canadian Interns! I’m the Promotions Coordinator so I’m really happy to see what we’ll present at the end in August! I already have a couple of ideas, and I’m planning on taking the crew to the #LemonadeStand to network with some other Dallas Interns at The People’s Last Stand. (Shout out to ThinkFruiton!)


Check out the Mosaic Intern Blog ran by our Social Media Intern TheInternNet.tumblr.com!

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