Getting Wiggy With It

At Texas Tech University in Doctor Shannon Rinaldo’s Consumer Behavior Marketing class, students got an opportunity to work as marketing consultants for an actual company, Love Your Du. Students were divided into ten teams, and compiled their own marketing strategies to break into the college female market. Love Your Du is a company started by Susan Vaters, she was the pioneer for children’s toothbrushes with cartoon characters. Vaters takes a great deal of pride in taking boring products and rebranding them. In order to dispel the negative stigma associated with wigs, Vaters calls them “Dus”. Armed with this information, students were given an opportunity to research what they know best, themselves.  Student’s main goals were comprised of driving traffic to the company website, selling the product to the target market, and developing a social media strategy to market to the consumer. Strategies from the teams included utilizing Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google+,  Youtube, and QR Codes to spark interest and sell the Dus. While Wigs might not be the ideal career choice for some of the students, the experience learned will last a life time.

Here are a few of my teams samples.





We knew that college females have a stigma attached to Wigs. So we focused our social media strategy on changing their perspectives of the product. We wanted to be interactive by asking open ended questions, and used popular celebrities who wear wigs.

It was such a great opportunity, and I would like to say thank you to the Vaters and Dr. Rinaldo for allowing us to work with the DUs.

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