It’s my one month anniversary at Mosaic!


I’ve been at my internship one month! I’ve been working with the GameOn department which focuses on Video Game Merchandising! It is one of the top departments in the company and brings in MILLIONS of dollars. SO besides being well versed over the new releases what do I do? I work on the code articles, which is essentially the bible that the Regional, District managers, and field reps all over America use to determine what marketing placement they’re supposed to use for the week. I monitor and report on the shipping for hundreds, and depending on the week thousands, of stores. I also take photographs to make sure the proper products are in place to make sure our Clients are happy. Needless to say in the 30 days I’ve been here I’ve been given a huge amount of responsibility. I’ve already learned so much that will make life so much easier once I go back to school and apply to my classes and projects.


My department is like a family. 90% of the bonding we do is through food! (lol) Every Wednesday we have a team lunch and relax. It’s the ideal environment for me because I’m always learning, and I’m always laughing!





All the other interns are really great as well, the culture of Mosaic is really inviting and open. Most of the managers and directors always have their doors open, there’s cake for birthdays every month, and everyone greets you with a smile, and not to mention the Relaxed dress code. (Gotta love a company that will let your inner Fashionista shine!)

I’m excited to work with these guys on our North American Video Marketing project with the Canadian Interns! I’m the Promotions Coordinator so I’m really happy to see what we’ll present at the end in August! I already have a couple of ideas, and I’m planning on taking the crew to the #LemonadeStand to network with some other Dallas Interns at The People’s Last Stand. (Shout out to ThinkFruiton!)


Check out the Mosaic Intern Blog ran by our Social Media Intern!

Check it out My Photo was featured in USATODAYCollege (Its the Ice Cream Cone)

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