Intern Hack No. 1

I am probably the QUEEN of sending out emails to the wrong person. It happens at least once a week.

So before you die of shame or clean out your desk here’s something helpful that can help you save face in the office.

RECALL A Message

1. Open the Sent email and click on the file menu

2. Click Recall

3. Outlook will send you a report about whether or not it was successfully recalled!

4. Happy Sigh

GMail also has this feature

1. Login to Gmail.

2. Click the gear located toward the upper-right corner of

3. Click the Labs tab.

4. Enable the Undo Send option, then click Save Changes



Once when I was an intern in high school I sent an email that was meant for my fellow intern to an executive about the circus and complaining about how bored I was at work. I was mortified, but she actually replied that she wishes she could go too, and we bonded after that.  LOL!

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