Dallas in 140 Characters

My friends always tell me I know everything that is going on. So I thought I’d share with the world how I get all the 411 where ever I am. Coming back from college to your hometown you always feel slightly out of the loop; business have moved, expanded, closed, stores have opened, bridges have been built. Bottom line you need to catch up! Twitter is the EASIEST way to do that. Here are a few of my top picks to get you all the Deets in the D.


Central Track is one of my favorites. Besides their “What is there to do today” posts, which breaks down the days events all over the DFW,  they feature:

Hot & Fresh
Music Nightlife & Fashion
Food & Drink

I really like their lists and street styles. They often break the scoop before some of the more traditional outlets do, definitely a great follow on twitter and cool website.

Also I’d recommend following your favorite areas on twitter example


Out of all the areas Mockingbird Station is a favorite of mine. They let you know about all types of great events, treats, and sales. For example did you know they did FREE YOGA every Saturday morning at 9am? They also keep me updated about sales going on. I almost never check my email anymore, so if get most of my promo info through the web. They also have cool contests like Pin It to Win it, and have deals if you mention #SummerSavings which you’ll only get if you know about them so follow them on twitter or facebook!

The Dallas Arts district is an extremely close second if not a tie. I love knowing what food trucks are going to be there before I know I”m hungry, or waste my gas! They also hold cool events like the Summer Block Party, First Saturdays, and First Tuesdays at the DMA (Which is a free admission). they have Jazz in the Atrium, and show moves at the Nasher Sculpture Center (last night they showed the Artist).

A lot of places have discounts, promotions, and events going on for low or no cost and most people just don’t know where to look for them! Don’t miss out.

I’ll also compile these into a twitter list so follow me on twitter @Paige_Nash.

Did I miss anyone? Comment below or tweet me who your favorite DFW Tweeter is!

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