Happy New Year!

I kept trying to figure out how I would describe 2013. What did it mean to me? What did I learn? I can honestly say it was probably the first time problems couldn’t be fixed by being a good student or a good person. I finally got a whopping spoonful of the cruel world. I think I probably cried this year than I have my whole life. Crying used to be a rare annual occurrence for me, and it became my new normal. It was quite the challenging year there were so many unexpected deaths, heart breaking disappointments and uncertainty. All of this happened and it forced me to grow so much. I feel like I’ve aged in the last 6 months and I’m really a 50 year old woman. I had some amazing moments of 2013, but the things that really stand out now or those moments “my life was over” and I “couldn’t go on” with whatever. It showed me who friends are, it made me look beyond the titles others had given me and made me define myself. Beyond a student leader, mentor, girlfriend and daughter. Who am I at the core and what do I stand for? Looking back at it I feel like I can do anything now and I can’t wait to take everything I’ve learned into 2014 and make it a fantastic year!
Cheers to growth!

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