Four years flew by!

If I can think of one word to describe this university it would be empowering. It’s rare that you’ll encounter a unfriendly face in this town. My four years have gone by too quickly and I had an amazing time recruiting new shining faces to the college this summer. I can’t wait to hear about all the amazing things they’ll do in the future! I guess if I could think of 4 takeaways it would be these:

-Write out essays for scholarships even in they’re optional.

– Thank you notes matter! Take the time to say thanks to those who help you out!

-Know why you worth investing in and be able to explain that verbally and in written for interviews and scholarships.

-You pay for class, on campus events and resources use them. Bars and parties aren’t included in your fees.

I wish the world was more like a Zumba class

Over the past four years, my favorite place on campus has been the Rec. Good day or bad day I could always find a reason to go there. I’ve taken belly dancing, abs class, salsa, Bootylicious, hip hop aerobics, and nothing bring me joy like a good hard Zumba workout. If you ever wondered what diversity looks like peep your head into room 104 at 12:10 or 5:30pm.

You would see people dancing without a care in the world. Men and Women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, ages, majors and sexual orientations. It’s one of the few places in higher education where you won’t find yourself put into a box. No one is talking about what sorority they’re in, or how much their parents make and no one is judging you no matter how bad you think your dancing is. I’m not sure why doing squats to a T.I song and doing the cumbia generate a universal sense of belonging, but it does and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Trashy 2 Classy Fashion Show @TexasTech

Today Dr. Su Shin’s Apparel Design and Manufacturing students hosted the Trashy 2 Classy Fashion Exhibition in the Library. All of the students are in her Fashion Illustration class and had to make an illustration of the garment and then create it from recycled materials. This is the third year they have had the Trashy 2 Classy exhibition in partnership with the USGBCS (United States Green Building Council Students). I spoke to the Vice President of USGBC at Texas Tech, Emily Latham, and she told me this organization is focused on sustainable design and advocates for green design. Typically, they partner with Architecture, interior design or construction students; but this event draws a whole new student demographic.

One of my friends, Lisa Hon, was presenting her dress that she made completely out recycled materials. The dress was made from a marketing canvas from Ann Taylor that was going to be thrown away. The back straps were made from shopping bag strings, and held with coke can tops, and the clutch was made from shopping bags. It took her about three days to complete the dress that she worked on during spring break. Her model was Krystal Loya, a senior studying Retail Management.

Lisa Hon & Krystal LoyaDSCN0023 - CopyDSCN0021 - Copy

Another favorite of mine was Mary Burt’s dress. She’s a sophomore at Texas Tech and her dress was made from plastic and paper shopping bags.

DSCN0034DSCN0035 - CopyDSCN0027 - Copy

Taylor Dawson made her dress out of coffee filters, plastic bags, and newspaper to create a really cute couture look. She was actually inspired by flowers and floral designs she saw on Pinterest! She worked on it all spring break and actually used her brother as a human mannequin during the fitting.

DSCN0045 - Copy

Last, but certainly not least is Elaine Morton a sophomore who created this really cool rain coat out of CASSETTE TAPES and Packing Tape!

DSCN0029 - Copy

I thought this was a really cool event, that really allowed students to be creative and let their talents shine.  Some cool way to promote your fashion show or designs

  1. Instagram: Not only can other see who has liked the photo, but by using hastags you can increase your reach. #WomensFashion or  #Fashion.
  2. Facebook Events inviting your friends and having a cute flyer goes a long wayCheck in once you get there!
  3. Tumblr is such a great outlet for Fashionista, designers, and illustrators. You’d be surprised by how many people will like your work.
  4. Vine – Record a mini catwalk!
  5. Do your strut around the free speech area or library before the show so people will be curious about what’s happening. Think Fashion Flash mob!

Be on the look out for more info on this event in the Daily Toreador and Texas Tech Today! Wreck Em Tech & Go Green!

Lisa Hon, Krystal Loya, and Me

DSCN0053DSCN0036 DSCN0032 DSCN0025 ??????????

DSCN0021 - Copy

Thoughts of a Graduating Senior


  • What am I doing with my life?
  • Where do I even apply?
  • When do I apply?
  • Where am I going to work?
  • How do I negotiate my salary?
  • Where am I going to live?
  • How am I going to figure  all of this and pass this impossible class?

These are a few of the questions swimming in my mind as I approach graduation. I’m a May graduate so I still have a bit of time, but with every friend that accepts an offer I think I’m running out of time. (And will probably end up living out of a cardboard box.)

So let’s start at the top. “What are your plans after graduation?” This question has started to make my flesh crawl. “My plans are to be happy and successful” is not a suitable answer. As a freshman you probably could just say “I’m a ____ major and I want to work in the ____ field” Very vague, when you’re a senior people expect interview dates, a list of companies cities, and actionable life plan. So instead of giving yourself insomnia just spend a weekend brainstorming. Spend some time and think about what it is you love, what you’re good at, and where you want to be.

For me my brainstorming lead me to multicultural marketing. Most of my time is spent using my marketing skills to recruit students, finding out how to keep them engaged in my organization, and with Texas Tech University. I serve as the social media coordinator for two multicultural organizations and I’m constantly thinking of campaigns and positioning strategies.

  • Then next thing I did was talk to a recent graduate who was in that field.
  • Then did some research about a few companies that did that type of marketing.
  • Talked to hiring managers at former internships to find out when the general hiring time is for Marketing industry. (Or your University Career Center)
  • Now that you know what you want to do, you can take on projects to help get your more experience in that industry.  You might want to consider doing undergraduate research.

I don’t have all the answers, but I have a pretty good starting point.  The most important thing is to remind yourself to breathe! Have faith in yourself and the skills you’ve acquired at your school and search with a clear head. The last thing you want to do is apply for the wrong type of job and settle for something you hate.

Happy Hunting!

Getting Wiggy With It

At Texas Tech University in Doctor Shannon Rinaldo’s Consumer Behavior Marketing class, students got an opportunity to work as marketing consultants for an actual company, Love Your Du. Students were divided into ten teams, and compiled their own marketing strategies to break into the college female market. Love Your Du is a company started by Susan Vaters, she was the pioneer for children’s toothbrushes with cartoon characters. Vaters takes a great deal of pride in taking boring products and rebranding them. In order to dispel the negative stigma associated with wigs, Vaters calls them “Dus”. Armed with this information, students were given an opportunity to research what they know best, themselves.  Student’s main goals were comprised of driving traffic to the company website, selling the product to the target market, and developing a social media strategy to market to the consumer. Strategies from the teams included utilizing Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google+,  Youtube, and QR Codes to spark interest and sell the Dus. While Wigs might not be the ideal career choice for some of the students, the experience learned will last a life time.

Here are a few of my teams samples.





We knew that college females have a stigma attached to Wigs. So we focused our social media strategy on changing their perspectives of the product. We wanted to be interactive by asking open ended questions, and used popular celebrities who wear wigs.

It was such a great opportunity, and I would like to say thank you to the Vaters and Dr. Rinaldo for allowing us to work with the DUs.

Marketing Resources you forgot about at Texas Tech

Marketing Campus Resources You forgot about @TexasTech

Promoting events is always so hard! It seems like you did everything you could do and no one showed up. Besides handing out flyers in the free speech area or just emailing people here are a few other resources you might not have thought about.

*Allow at least two weeks of full promotion

  1. Student Announcements (TechAnnounce)
    The website says allow 3 days, but usually if you submit it the day before it’ll still be included in the next days events.
  2. TV Announcement Screens
    If you go to you can submit your event and flyer to be displayed on the flat screens in the Rec Center, SUB, and online.
  3. Flyers and Bulletin Boards
    If you go here you can get a complete listing of where you’re allowed to post on campus and if it needs approval.
  4. Display Cases in the Student Union Building
    Call the info desk and ask them to connect you to the display case representative. You need your student ID to check out the key.
    Flyers must be 21 x 28 to go into the holders up front by the info desk. If you’re a student organization you can use your SGA funds for CopyMail to get flyers and posters printed.
  5. School Newspaper
  6. School Radio Station
  7. Dorm Bulletin Boards
    Take 17 of your poster to Wiggins Complex and they’ll distribute them among the residence halls for you. Also ask if you can contact CAs about putting them on their individual bulletin boards on their floors.
  8. Student Organization Boxes
    Upstairs in the SUB organizations have mail boxes, if you print 250 of them with your name on them you can get permission to send them out to other organizations.
  9. Orgsync
    Request to share your event on the community calendar, that way everyone can see it and know about your event not just your active orgsync members.
  10. SGA Meetings
    SGA has an open floor and welcomes organizations to speak and update them on their organization.
  11. Social Media- Not just inviting your friends invite everyone and encourage (And or force) other people to share it too. Click like, RT, and Re-pin.
  12. Email Advisors as well and ask them to forward the information to their organizations.
  13. At the event check in on facebook, foursquare, and twitter and tag people who are there. This is an inconspicuous way to pop up on more peoples newsfeeds and remind people that the event is going on.

* For larger events ask the office of Communications & Marketing or other departments or if they have bulletin boards in their offices to promote.