Media and the Olympics

I know I can’t be the only one who is exasperated by the scrutiny the athletes have been under.  The most irrelevant things have been highlighted this year at the Olympics. Topics like: Gabby Douglas’ hair,  Lori (Lolo) Jones and her virginity, Serena’s victory dance, Ryan Lochte’s love life and grill. Last night on Entertainment Tonight they even posted a break down of Natalie Hawkins’ (Gabby’s Mom) DEBT from her student loans to her T-mobile phone bill. They also spoke about Ryan Lochte’s mom facing foreclosure! Even when McKayla Maroney didn’t hug her Russian competitor Sandra Raluca Izbasa she was blasted for being “fake” and had to take to her twitter page to defend her sportsmanship. The personal lives of these poor athletes have been put under the microscope that we’re forgetting why they’re there; TO COMPETE! To go for GOLD, to break records and barriers! We’re letting these fluff pieces over shadow their hard earned accomplishments. They are not at the Jersey Shore, they are the best on the globe are we should celebrate their accomplishments!

If the Global Media wants to focus on something how about doing a story about

Did you know 7 Cameroonian athletes have gone missing from the Olympic Village?

What about the North Korean labor camps non-medaling athletes are being sent to when they return home?

How about more coverage on the inspiring independent athletes?

What do you think? Are we focusing to much on their personal lives? Comment below or tweet me what you think at @Paige_Nash