Why I’m envious of the girl at Starbucks who has a freakishly specific order.

You’re sitting at a restaurant and the water pours water into your sprite glass. What do you do? Do you make a fuss? Do drink suck it up the watered down concoction? Most of the time I just use my awkward telepathy powers to try to convey my unhappiness to the waiter. In a lot of ways, I can be extremely passive. I’m not one to make a big fuss of something, or be an inconvenience. Yesterday I listened to the most ‘boss-like’ display of gumption. A coworker of mine was telling us about how she was handling a situation at hotel with poor customer service and it got resolved with free wine and free valet.  In my head I was thinking “Wow, I could never do that”.  I don’t think I’ve ever said to someone “This is a problem and what are you going to do to fix it?” Partially it’s a fear of looking like the crazy loud black lady but it’s mostly being socially awkward. I should not have a problem asking for what I want or letting other know when something is unacceptable. I don’t have to be rude or even loud;being passive solves absolutely nothing. I should have no problem ordering a freakishly specific drink at Starbucks because it’s exactly what I want and what I am paying for and that’s just fine. So in 2014 I’m going to make a definite attempt to speak up, be less passive and less timid!



Lean In – What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

I’ve been reading “Lean In” this summer and I love it. I really didn’t know much about it; but on a recruiting trip someone mentioned the quote: “When someone offers you a seat on a rocket ship, you don’t ask what seat you just get on.” after that I knew I had to read it! It focuses on how women tend to shy away from leadership roles instead of going for them or “Leaning in”. Reading the book I’ve realized I’m definitely guilty of this. I’m not one to speak up much in meetings, I’d rather ask questions in private than in public, and usually prefer to work behind the scenes. One of the questions they proposed to readers was “What would you do if you weren’t afraid”

I watched the video and I tried to think what I missed out on. Luckily for me, I have friends, family, and faculty who always seem to force me to do something when I don’t have the guts to. I came up with three things

In 5th grade I won the spelling bee, but I was too nervous to get in front of the entire school to compete. So I let my best friend take my place. I was tired of being seen as a geek and didn’t want the entire school to see it.

Things I would’ve done in college.

1. Studied Abroad

2. Ran for SGA. I had the mentality that my parents aren’t rich, I’m not in a sorority, and I’m black no one would vote for me. Unfortunately a lot of students feel the same way, they shouldn’t but they do. The worse part about it is, it’s not anything that anyone has said to us,  just our own doubts keeping them from running.

3. Joined more organizations and ran for executive office.

We should all make a more conscious effort to lean in! It’s good for us and future generations of young women!

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

Side note: If you’re looking for something else about women empowerment check out Miss Representation!