Intern Hack No. 2: Job Description Deception

You’re scouring the job boards for an internship, or full time position. You’re eager to put everything you’ve learned in college to work and you think you’ve found a great job that works with marketing! You run across an entry that has buzz words like

Business to business sales, direct marketing methods, and other pay.

After going through an exciting first interview you find yourself in the middle of some unknown location selling something to patron on the street or going door to door on a commission only salary.

Not what you expected right?

The thing about marketing is that is covers such a broad range of activities. A lot of what is posted on job boards is sales, and to the untrained eye you might not realize that’s what you’re signing up for. Nothing is worse than applying for a job, and realizing that it’s not the right fit. The best way to combat this is to know what exactly you field you’re looking for.
Who remembers Vector Marketing the company that sells knives door-to-door?

This one is pretty vague, does this sound like you’re driving around town being a door-to-door knives salesman?

Here are some items to look over before you submit that application:

1. Identify what exactly you want from a job. What skills do you have and what would like to earn through your new career.

2. Find your career spirit animal. What does this mean? (I just made it up) Find someone who is doing what you would like to do, and learn what their job title is and what it entails. Hopefully you can network with them, and find out what to look for in your search from someone who has been there.

3. Linkedin- I often type in a job title or company name and see what they have listed under their job description–slightly creepy, but this is the  life or death of your career we’re talking about.Or if you’re not a creeper like me you can check out company websites to find out what they’re job description says so you know what you’re looking for.

Sales isn’t for everyone, and some really thrive at it. Be sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.

4. Most importantly during the interview ask them what a day in the life entails. Nothing is glamorous all the time is this is a very good question to find out if you would want to do this EVERY DAY and it shows interest.

Usually it’s a bad sign if a MARKETING company has little or no presence online, if they’re extremely vague, or if you go to their building and it’s just an empty office with no phones or furniture.

Horror Stories

Jane Doe* is a recent college graduate, and went to search for a job in NY. She had a phenomenal interview with a marketing department, and for her second interview she ended up in a bad part of the city trying to convince people to change energy providers. She was only paid if she got a person to sign up for the new service. She had to find her way home from this remote location, and catch the Subway home!

John Doe* is a college senior wanting to break into the sports and marketing field. He found a internship position for a marketing company in his area, and had a successful interview. He noticed that the office was nearly empty, but assumed they were remodeling.  The 2nd interview would be from 8-6pm. Once he showed up they drove to Austin, Texas where they spent the day selling tickets to a minor league baseball team in the 100 degree heat. Solicitation to businesses is illegal and even had to duck or hide from police when asked what they were doing!

Welcome to the InternNet

I call this flyer the beginning of “Cubicle-Guerrila Marketing”  It started a little rough with my first version.

Extremely unapealling, but a good effort. So I made it a lot more sleek. Since I have prime housing in cubicle nation with my window facing the main Hallway placing one in my window has already caused people to stop and inquire about the sign.

I also plan to try writing on the boards in conference rooms. How do you feel about Guerrilla Marketing?

Marketing Resources you forgot about at Texas Tech

Marketing Campus Resources You forgot about @TexasTech

Promoting events is always so hard! It seems like you did everything you could do and no one showed up. Besides handing out flyers in the free speech area or just emailing people here are a few other resources you might not have thought about.

*Allow at least two weeks of full promotion

  1. Student Announcements (TechAnnounce)
    The website says allow 3 days, but usually if you submit it the day before it’ll still be included in the next days events.
  2. TV Announcement Screens
    If you go to you can submit your event and flyer to be displayed on the flat screens in the Rec Center, SUB, and online.
  3. Flyers and Bulletin Boards
    If you go here you can get a complete listing of where you’re allowed to post on campus and if it needs approval.
  4. Display Cases in the Student Union Building
    Call the info desk and ask them to connect you to the display case representative. You need your student ID to check out the key.
    Flyers must be 21 x 28 to go into the holders up front by the info desk. If you’re a student organization you can use your SGA funds for CopyMail to get flyers and posters printed.
  5. School Newspaper
  6. School Radio Station
  7. Dorm Bulletin Boards
    Take 17 of your poster to Wiggins Complex and they’ll distribute them among the residence halls for you. Also ask if you can contact CAs about putting them on their individual bulletin boards on their floors.
  8. Student Organization Boxes
    Upstairs in the SUB organizations have mail boxes, if you print 250 of them with your name on them you can get permission to send them out to other organizations.
  9. Orgsync
    Request to share your event on the community calendar, that way everyone can see it and know about your event not just your active orgsync members.
  10. SGA Meetings
    SGA has an open floor and welcomes organizations to speak and update them on their organization.
  11. Social Media- Not just inviting your friends invite everyone and encourage (And or force) other people to share it too. Click like, RT, and Re-pin.
  12. Email Advisors as well and ask them to forward the information to their organizations.
  13. At the event check in on facebook, foursquare, and twitter and tag people who are there. This is an inconspicuous way to pop up on more peoples newsfeeds and remind people that the event is going on.

* For larger events ask the office of Communications & Marketing or other departments or if they have bulletin boards in their offices to promote.