Why I’m envious of the girl at Starbucks who has a freakishly specific order.

You’re sitting at a restaurant and the water pours water into your sprite glass. What do you do? Do you make a fuss? Do drink suck it up the watered down concoction? Most of the time I just use my awkward telepathy powers to try to convey my unhappiness to the waiter. In a lot of ways, I can be extremely passive. I’m not one to make a big fuss of something, or be an inconvenience. Yesterday I listened to the most ‘boss-like’ display of gumption. A coworker of mine was telling us about how she was handling a situation at hotel with poor customer service and it got resolved with free wine and free valet.  In my head I was thinking “Wow, I could never do that”.  I don’t think I’ve ever said to someone “This is a problem and what are you going to do to fix it?” Partially it’s a fear of looking like the crazy loud black lady but it’s mostly being socially awkward. I should not have a problem asking for what I want or letting other know when something is unacceptable. I don’t have to be rude or even loud;being passive solves absolutely nothing. I should have no problem ordering a freakishly specific drink at Starbucks because it’s exactly what I want and what I am paying for and that’s just fine. So in 2014 I’m going to make a definite attempt to speak up, be less passive and less timid!