Stability vs Flexibility

As a child you equate adulthood to stability.
Adults were the ones who answered our questions, who kept us safe from harm, and provided for us. So naturally you assume the older you get the more secure and knowledgeable you become. In high school and college I remember asking prominent business men and women how they got to where they were and what tips did they have for us and I remember I was so unimpressed with their answers. The magical answer I was expecting wasn’t there. There were plenty of people who said they had no idea what they wanted to be when they grew up or that their major had nothing to do with what they’re doing now. That was so upsetting to me. What about the plan? The get good grades, go to a good college, get a good job plan. All of these thing were supposed to be correlated! I had no idea how much uncertainty adulthood contained. The amount of turnover, sacrifice and turmoil it had. In my mind I thought thing would fall into place. I would have time to work out eat right, make time for everyone, work hard and play hard. HA! In reality life is a lot like playing asteroids. There’s not really a settled moment because you’re evolving, growing and things around you will always be changing. You have to be flexible. So i’m finding that adulthood is more about Flexibility vs. Stability and taking comfort in not always knowing what’s coming next.

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