Skype Interview

Gas is going up, and the economy is going down, with these fluctuating costs several companies are conducting SKYPE interviews instead of traditional ones. So what does this mean? Here are 5 tips to doing your best on an interview.

Just because you’ll probably only be shown from the waist up doesn’t mean have on a dress shirt with Spongebob pajamas.Look the part from head to toe, you never know what they might ask. What if you drop your headphones and have to stand up to pick them up and you’re exposed. NOT a good look.

2. Test the camera! Nothing is worse than looking good in the mirror and when you turn on your webcam you realize you look all wrong. Some makeup or clothing looks odd on camera because of thing lighting and connection. Make sure your smoky eye doesn’t make you look like a raccoon or your shirt isn’t see-through. I’d even test the lighting and position it how you want so you look the best.

I had a Skype interview last week and instead of using the Library I reserved on of the conference rooms on campus.  Many apartments have them or you can get a study room in a Library, Student Union Building or Dorm.

4.Test your connection. How is the wifi in this area? Are you going to use a Desktop? An Ethernet Cord. You want to make sure everything you say can be well understood and vice versa.

5. KEEP YOUR COOL! Often times when people see others on a laptop they don’t assume their doing something important. Unfortunately during my interview people actually walked into my conference room and began to talk LOUDLY! The worst thing you could do it yell at someone, or be disrespectful. Remember they can see your face, if you start scowling the interview can see you and might think less of you for being rude. This also shows that you can keep cool under pressure.

Don’t be nervous and Good Luck!