Warby Parker Winter Collection 2014

Winter is here!
It’s time to bust out those chunky sweaters and button downs cold temperatures are upon us. Every season I think of something new I want to incorporate into my look. After 7 years I have fallen back in love with eye wear. I’ve been an avid contact wearer since age 14 but I found myself missing my glasses.

A little Background.

What is Warby Parker?

Warby Parker is an online glasses shop that donates a pair of glasses for every pair that’s bought. They partner with non-profits like VisionSpring to ensure that for every pair sold one is given to someone in need.

I love how their winter collection has subtle hints of modern flair. A classic with a test. For example the set below features the Eastern bluebird fade I would pair this with a seemingly traditional outfit and then add a funky or edgy twist. As you can see below it can’t get more classic than a a line skirt and button down but the aztec print cardigan paired with the chunky boots adds edgy flair to the outfit.

Geek Chick
His & Hers the set below features two more chic, professional, crisp looks and in my opinion the best winter essentials. A cute coat, a good watch, a darling pair of boots and eye wear to bring it all together. Glasses always have a way of making you look more astute.
Warby Winter Essentials
1085-TAL-WARBY-PARKER-WINTER-TALBOT-2014-Shot_03_183-04-04Winter 2014 - WarbyWP14012_BARKLEY_125_ANGLE_SUN-3WP14014_REILLY_135_ANGLE_SUN-1
Check out all of their frames at Warby Parker!

Eyeglasses styles as well as Sunglasses styles

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